Old Testament Prediction

The Old Testament speaks of many things,
but first and foremost, it speaks of two things:
(1) A coming King (Jesus), and (2) The Coming Kingdom of God,
which can often be thought of as ‘The Family of God.’

As I explain later in this introduction,
if you are a Christian and a follower of Jesus,
you should begin your study in the New Testament,
NOT in the Old Testament.

(A clickable listing of Bible books is at the bottom)

The Old Testament Is Glorious!

Where would we be without the books of the law — the books of Moses? Where would we be without the history books, or the prophets? Where would we be without the Psalms and Proverbs?

But A Change Has Occurred!

In the New Testament, “All things were made new” (II Cor 5:17). Paul says to only preach and teach the NEW Testament (II Cor 3:6). He goes on to say that the OLD Testament has been abolished (II Cor 3:13). He says the same thing in Ephesians 2:15 and Colossians 2:14.

This does NOT mean the Old Testament should not be read, and that everything in it has been abolished and is no good. No!

What he means is that the OLD Testament ways do not apply to us today! Much of the Old Testament is for COMPARISON purposes, not to be COMBINED with the New.

The OLD Testament ended in failure, and then there was 400 years of silence from God. That’s a long time! That’s a lot longer than the United States has been a nation!

Then Paul says, “all things were made new.” The NEW Testament is God’s “new and living way” (Heb 10:20).

Paul goes on to say that if the OLD Testament is read without the influence of the NEW (the gospel message of Jesus), then this puts a veil over our mind and heart when we read it (II Cor 3:15-17). In other words, we don’t read it clearly, with revelation from God. We are only reading history, and the way a prior people lived. There are lots of good things to glean from the Old Testament, and a lot of good character studies, both good and bad. But we should not try to COPY the ways of the Old Testament!

Thus Hebrews 10:9 says the OLD was set aside and the NEW was established. Thus Hebrews 9:10 refers to the time of the cross as “The Reformation.” The cross of Jesus is the center of all human history. Paul says, “Rightly divide the word of truth.” I think he’s talking about rightly dividing things between the Old and the New Testament.


Here is the Bottom Line!

We Christians should read our Bible backwards!

By this I don’t mean we should start with the book of Revelation. What I mean is that we must begin by understanding the finished work of the cross of Jesus in the NEW Testament, before we try to understand the religious ways of the OLD Testament. Thus we should read the OLD Testament with the NEW in mind. We can only do this if we’re familiar with the New Testament. We should not start with the OLD, or attempt to read it all by itself.

My Presentation of the Old Testament

In these writings, I will present the Old Testament in light of the finished work of the New Testament. I won’t just present all the facts and the history of what happened. You get this in any Bible commentary you read. What I will do is discuss the MEANING of those facts, as they are augmented and transformed by the New Testament. I’ll try to show how the New Testament might interpret the facts of the Old Testament.

Here is a listing of the books of the Old Testament. As each is completed, it will be highlighted and clickable. Remember, as in everything I do, this is a labor of love and each segment I do, and each book I prepare takes time.

So this is not a finished work at this time, but is instead ‘a work in progress.’

An Old Testament Opening Statement

The Books of the Law:


Summarizing the First Five Old Testament Books

The History Books:

I Samuel
II Samuel
I Kings
II Kings
I Chronicles
II Chronicles

NOTE: what follows next are the books of poetry, Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon. But I will skip these books for now, and come back to them later. What really follows next, in order, are the prophets who spoke directly to historical Israel as revealed in the history books above.

The Books of Prophecy:


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