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Part 1: of Jesus’ Parables:
How the Gospel of God’s
Kingdom Works In Us

The Parable of the Unprepared Builder

(Only in Luke 14:25-30).


Watch the 3 minute animated video here.
The text of the message, with scriptures, follows the video.

One thing I want you to see, before we get into this parable, is how these previous parables have spoken about the need for us to receive from God — receive his gospel truth into us and live in the reality that he has declared. It’s all to our benefit and blessing, and Father’s whole desire is to bless us. As we’ve seen a few times, what we receive into us is what grows from us. “Things grow after their own kind” (Genesis 1). So, when we believe and receive the gospel, we live it. “As we think in our heart, so are we” (Prov 23:7). The gospel produces good things from us (Col 1:5-6).

Then we spoke about the parable of the good Samaritan, showing how we should have compassion and love, and be willing to share what we have with others. “You have freely received, so freely give.” And, last time, we saw how we should be children at heart in our relationship with Abba Father God. Jesus says that children are the ones who inherit the kingdom of God on earth. We are not meant to be conniving children, who are judgmental and mocking. We are to be trusting children — who again receive anything that their Father wants to give them.

Now lets look at this parable.

This one of Jesus parables is also called ‘The Unfinished Tower.’ I think of ‘The Tower of Babel.’ God sees us as working on this Old Testament Tower (Gen 11) if we are not set apart to his gospel. Everyone at the Tower of Babel was confused. So it is today. So many folks are, “Ever learning but never able to come to a knowledge of the (gospel) truth” (II Tim 3:7). Today there is a new, theological ‘Second Tower of Babel.’ 

But this parable also talks about us counting the cost of being a disciple of Jesus. Salvation is free but it does require a faithful commitment. Too many people just want to be what they call ‘converts,’ and ‘raise their hand for Jesus.’ Then they go on living any way they please. This is not discipleship. Jesus says to go and make disciples (Mat 28:18).

This takes a single-minded focus: trusting Jesus enough to believe and live his gospel truth. With this we can do all things through Christ (Phil 4:13), which includes completing any ‘tower’ we set out to build.


James says double-mindedness makes us unstable.
When we’re focused on the gospel we’re on the Rock
(remember that parable?)

But outside of the gospel, it is like we are at
The Second Tower of Babel,’
listening to 10,000 instructors in Christ
voicing 10,000 opinions (I Cor 4:15).


Jesus’ work is his CROSS, not a TOWER!

The cross is finished, not being built. This is where those of us separated to the gospel live and thrive. The cross is the center of all human history, and it must be the center and focus of our lives too. We are not called to go out and build our own tower. Nothing can be built that is not built on Jesus’ word. If we do so build, it will be burned up (I Cor 3:11-15).

Remember: my purpose is not to totally discuss each parable. It is to only
show the gospel in each parable, and how it practically impacts us.


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