The Parable of the Patch On the Garment

(Matt 9:16, Mark 2:21, Luke 5:36).


This parable, and the next, are actually joined with the parable we just read. In most Bibles it is shown as just one parable. However, in Luke 5:36, he clearly distinguishes these as different parables.

And rightly so! — because unless they are seen with GOSPEL eyes, we miss their importance!


In this parable, the focus is on the OLD garment, which is in reference to the Old Testament law. In the next parable, the focus is on the NEW wine, which is in reference to the New Testament.


Paul says to only minister the New Testament
(II Cor 3:6). He doesn’t say ignore the Old Testament — not at all !! But he does say we have a veil over our heart if we read it and don’t have full revelation of the New (II Cor 3:15-17). In the New, we should see the glory of Jesus when we look into a mirror in the morning! (II Cor 3:18). That’s a mouthful. I don’t usually see Jesus (at least in the natural).


This is what these parables are saying. Paul just explains it a little bit deeper in II Corinthians 3.


Don’t forget the Old Testament had closed in failure for the Jews. They were in exile and captive to other nations, except for the remnant who went back to Jerusalem to rebuild it and the temple. After this there was 400 years of silence from God. That’s a  L O N G  time! I’m sure the people wondered if they would ever hear from God again.


They were just hanging on to their traditions. Then what happens? This maverick Jesus arrives with something totally brand new: THE GOSPEL. Talk about a shocker! Jewish leaders were hacked!


Jesus’ point here is we cannot mix the Old and New Testaments together. The New replaces the Old.

It was ‘the time of reformation’ (Heb 9:10). It was a whole new way of the way things would be would be with the coming of God’s Kingdom. It is ‘a new and living way’ (Heb 10:20).


“ALL things have become new” (II Cor 5:17).


Jesus came to do the will of God by taking away the first, Old Covenant law, and establishing

the second, New Covenant gospel (Heb 10:9). It was total reform! The OLD has been abolished!


In this one-verse parable, Jesus says a lot, and he emphasizes the same thing in the next parable.

Jesus came to fulfill scripture (Luke 4:17-21, 24:25-27, 24:44-45).


But it was nothing as expected! Jesus came
to turn bondage into blessing (Gal 4:21-30).
He came to open heaven’s windows and pour out
a blessing we could not contain (Mal 3:10).
He came to give us ALL heaven’s blessings (Eph 1:3).


Remember: my purpose is not to totally discuss each parable. It is to only
show the gospel in each parable, and how it practically impacts us.


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