Roger Himes


Part 1:
How the Gospel of God’s
Kingdom Works In Us

The Parable of Salt, Lights and Lamps

            (Matthew 5:13-16, Mark 9:50, Luke 14:34-35).



Some do not consider this to be a parable, but it does take the form of a parable. Parables speak of earthly things but with a heavenly meaning.

Most of the parables we’ve been looking at are on RECEIVING gospel truth, and how it works in our lives. In Part 2, which is coming next, we will look at the importance of the gospel. But this deals more with our RESPONSE to the gospel, and our RELEASING it to others.

This parable assumes we possess gospel truth of God’s Kingdom. Now what do we do with it?

Jesus says we are like salt, lights and candles.
This is not descriptive of a JOB we have to do,
but of a JOY we radiate from our insides.
The gospel is the power of God, and we have his
power inside of us, so this is our response.

We become like salt for all people in the earth.
And we are like light, or a lamp or candle,
as the parable says.

 We simply radiate and release the gospel if it is what we have received inside us (“Things produce after their own kind”). If other people don’t have gospel truth then WHATEVER is inside them is what they share and radiate outwardly. “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.”

If we are to repent of all other beliefs and only believe the gospel, as Jesus says, then the gospel is what we have inside of us. It’s all we believe. The gospel produces in us all God’s love, grace, peace, forgiveness, and everything else good.

Then what we do is minister the things we have inside to others. As Paul says, “Minister grace to the hearers.” But this applies to everything God gives us. This is the way we become salt, lights and lamps. They just give off what they have.

Jesus says our JOB is to believe (John 6:29). If we believe truth, we give away truth. We’re God’s ambassadors. Thus it is our earthly job to relate to others whatever our ‘country’ says is truth. This is just our job as God’s ambassadors: relate God’s gospel truth to others. But if we don’t have gospel truth, WHATEVER we do have inside is what we give to others, which can be anything. We can’t give God’s truth away if we ain’t got it!

Remember: my purpose is not to totally discuss each parable. It is to only
show the gospel in each parable, and how it practically impacts us.


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