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Part 1:
How the Gospel of God’s
Kingdom Works In Us

The Parable of the Divided Inheritance

            (Only in Luke 12:13-21).


Jesus had been talking about hypocrisy and not being real in life, and then about how the Holy Spirit will teach us truth, and what to say when it’s needed. Suddenly he was interrupted and asked to settle an inheritance dispute. He said he wasn’t here to be a judge, and then he taught on coveting things.

He told this parable about the man having so many crops he wanted to build bigger barns to store it all so he’d be comfortable the rest of his life.

He had a love for money as Paul says in I Timothy 6. Jesus ends by saying the man was a fool in that he had earthly wealth but wasn’t rich toward God.

Gospel truth focuses us on God’s Kingdom,
not on things of this world. A lack of gospel
revelation keeps us focused on things of the world,
not on knowing God’s love and grace.
Paul says, “Set your affections on things above (heaven), not on things on the earth” (Col 3:2).
We live in either a gospel or worldly mindset.

Our hearts must be filled with gospel grace (Heb 13:9).

Jesus says its hard for a person with riches to enter into things of God (Luke 18:24). This is because a person who is set on riches and prosperity has their priorities all wrong. As Paul says, our priorities must be on things of God (his Kingdom here and heaven).

Jesus says don’t lay up treasures on earth, but treasures in heaven, because where your heart is, there is where your treasure will be (Mat 6:19-20, Luke 12:34). We have been given God’s Kingdom (Luke 12:32) and we’re told not to love the world.

This also applies to gospel truth. Either we are focused on it, and the Kingdom of God it describes, or we are not focused on it. Instead we focus on riches, possessions, lusts, cares of this world, or other beliefs we accept or concoct. It’s our choice.


Remember: my purpose is not to totally discuss each parable. It is to only
show the gospel in each parable, and how it practically impacts us.

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