Roger Himes


Part 1:
How the Gospel of God’s Kingdom
Works In Us

The Dishonest Servant 

(Only in Luke 16:1-9).


In this one of Jesus’ Parables, Jesus wasn’t condoning this man’s dishonesty or his being unjust. How could God do this? The man robbed from his employer for his own gain.

What he was condoning the man for was his foresight and his shrewdness. Faithfulness, character and honesty were in question, but his planning wasn’t.

The world has ways we Christians should not buy — IF they conflict with God’s word. But they don’t conflict, then we should be better putting them to use than unbelievers. We have the power and presence of God in us.

We are meant to creatively use Kingdom gifts that we are given. And in doing so, we are meant to deny ourselves and our ambitions (Lk 9:23). At least we should deny them to the extent that they conflict with God’s ways. Jesus says we cannot serve two masters. This is being double-minded.

I had a lawyer-associate who was a very honest and upright. But late in life he had a client who was rich and was leaving everything in a trust to a son who was a crook. He found a way of taking some of the man’s money and going to a foreign country. He wasn’t right but he was shrewd.


The point Jesus makes is we should be shrewd
and resourceful in everything
 we do.
He condemns being dishonest, but he condones
being resourceful and shrewd.  It means doing
smart things but in an honest way.

Living life in the gospel gives us a transformed mind in the things of God (Rom 12:2). It straightens out our thinking where we know the difference. We are meant to make a Kingdom difference, and we are meant to do it in the right way, and not in deviant ways.

You might say Jesus wants us to be street smart in the ways of the world. I was a ‘street lawyer’ for 25 years, and I was smart in many ways. In fact, I started at a time when the law was relatively easy. I could be a ‘GP,’ in general practice, and I was competent  in things I did. But this only lasted about 15 years. Within that time frame the law became so complicated it was unbelievable.

I wasn’t a Christian the first 5 years I was in practice, and I was to the point of being dishonest in some things. But after this time, I was a Christian with his heart in God’s Kingdom, and I could no longer practice law in the way that I had before.

A lot of things have changed for me in my life. As a lawyer, I used to do a lot of DIVORCES. Now in our business with Meadows At Marshdale (The Red Wedding Barn) we get people MARRIED! —


Remember: my purpose is not to totally discuss each parable. It is to only
show the gospel in each parable, and how it practically impacts us.


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