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Part 1:
How the Gospel of God’s
Kingdom Works In Us

The Parable of the Empty House

(Matthew 12:43-45, Luke 11:24-26).


Watch the 3 minute animated video here.
The text of the message, with scriptures, follows the video.

This one of Jesus’ parables shows us that neutrality is dangerous. We are meant to have a purpose. Neutrality is like people who can believe anything that comes down the Pike. They have no foundation on the Rock, so they build on sand by the side of the river. They have no firm beliefs, and only lived on Sunday sermons they heard, which is nothing more than pre-digested food.


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We must choose our master (we all have one). Paul says some folks serve the creature (self) more than the Creator (Rom 1:25). We choose to live more in the world than in the Kingdom, and if we do we can’t know God’s love (I John 2:15).


We can’t leave our house empty.
We must fill it with good gospel things.
God gives us ALL he has (I Cor 3:21-22, Lk 12:32).
And don’t forget WE are God’s house (Heb 3:6).
If our house is full of gospel truth, Satan is evicted.
He cannot be a tenant, or even a visitor, in a house
filled with gospel truth and reality!



So in the parable, 7 demons return to occupy the house instead of just one, because it is empty. Jesus says this is what happens to ‘wicked’ people, as he sees them: they are void of gospel truth! If we’re filled with truth it’s entirely different.

In the gospel we are ONE with God, and he occupies our house with us and makes it his home. If this is the case, Satan is no contest. He is a defeated foe (I John 3:8). He has no place in GOD’S house.

When our house is empty, God sees it as not having gospel truth in it, and he says to ask him for repentance to acknowledge the truth (II Tim 2:25). Not doing so we’re captive to the devil (II Tim 2:26).

Remember: my purpose is not to totally discuss each parable. It is to only
show the gospel in each parable, and how it practically impacts us.



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