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by Roger Himes, The Gospel Life Coach

Anyone can afford 3 minutes to see if something speaks to your heart, right?

This video is number 3 of 7 videos on salvation. All are just under 3 minutes.
The gospel is easy to teach, and also easy to understand and apply.

There are 9 parts of these gospel coaching sessions.
You can watch each video in 3 minutes. All of them in any session are only 20 minutes.
Salvation is part 2 of the 9 parts of the gospel. Click here for a list of all 9 parts.

All 9 parts have 3 minute videos and transcripts with scripture references.
Transcripts follow the video in the text with scripture references not in the videos.



How we see and perceive ourselves in relationship with God determines how we view salvation, and let it impact us.
If we see ourselves as a servant of God, we probably do not have a correct view of salvation. This is because it’s a servant’s job to work and serve God. A servant is not given the inheritance and the rights of a child. He’s an employee. A servant lives by rules and standards. He does not see himself as a loved child.
A servant doesn’t just hang out and fellowship with his boss. He lives by law, not in love. This is why knowing our identity, or who we are in God’s family Kingdom is so very important. If we have a wrong perception. We only relate to God as God, and not as a child, and also a son or daughter relates to their Father.
This is why knowing God’s love for us is so important. We must truly know and experience the love of God. When we do, everything else changes for the better, and God’s revelation flows into us. This doesn’t happen for a servant. A servant doesn’t know his true identity, hat he is family. Salvation includes us in ALL the things of God’s Kingdom family.

If we truly know God’s love for us, salvation just becomes part of the gifts we’re given. We don’t work for it. We don’t have any doubt we are saved. Love and salvation become like inseparable Siamese twins. When we truly know his love for us, we become fruitful in all the things of God. Thus, Jesus says he does not call us servants but his friends (John 15:15).
This is why it is said we must both BELIEVE and KNOW the truth
(I Tim 4:3). This is what John means when he says we must LIVE the truth. Father’s gospel truth must become part of our life – our whole body, soul and spirit. It’s meant to consume us and drive us.
When God’s love totally impacts us, and let him throw his arms around us. Then his gospel truth dominates us because as Paul says, we know WHOM we believe (II Tim 1:12). Then salvation ceases to be an issue to us. It is absolute reality. This is what Paul means when he says the love of Christ passes knowledge and fills us with all the fullness of God (Eph 3:19).
We are to know the width, length, depth and height of God’s love (Eph 3:18). This means it consumes us and then drives us to believe and know and live all the gospel truth God gives us. When we allow this to happen, our hearts become rivers of living water flowing out into all of life (John 7:38).
Love and salvation cause our hearts to be consumed with gospel truth and the reality of heaven touching earth. Then our experience of our grace filled Father increases mightily, and receive everything else from him.


Roger Himes




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