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The main reason we have difficulty relating to God’s astounding love for us is that we view ourselves as servants of God, not as children, and as sons and daughters, as the gospel declares. Jesus says he calls us friends, not servants. This is a very intimate term to him, not a casual term as it sometimes is to us. And this all goes back to not knowing God as ABBA, that we talked about earlier.

We also approach God in prayer as though we were reporters of the facts, which are facts he already knows anyway. He let’s us tell him, but he doesn’t need us to tell him. Plus, we view ourselves as negotiators to persuade God to do something on our behalf that he really doesn’t want to do. This is not approaching God as a child, or as a son or daughter. We are sometimes so arms-length with God that he can’t get very close to us because we block him. We through a guard up.

Our purpose should be just to commune with God, and to get his mind on things. “Father, I know your will in this situation, and I know it’s not happening right now. What can I do to help your will be done?” Our job is to listen to God more than we talk to him. What he has to say is much more important.

I sometimes go to the ocean, and some days only lounge around the swimming pool that is provided, and I don’t go into the ocean. The amount of God’s love most of us experience is like the water in the swimming pool. This is true even though there is a whole ocean of God’s love just a few yards away. It’s like this with everything God has in his Kingdom. He is limitless in what he offers us. But we throw up defenses.

It’s good to look at what Paul says again: “The Lord make you increase and abound in love, one toward another” (I Thes 3:12). God wants us to fill up with his love. He wants us to fill up with it like a balloon totally ready to pop. And then he wants us to give away what might be called ‘USED LOVE,’ and abound over to others with it.  The more we experience of God’s love, the more we have to give away. The less we experience, the less we have to give away. The whole new covenant gospel is about us receiving from God, receiving all he has, which is his entire Kingdom (Luke 12:32). God does this because the more we receive, the more we have to give away. This is why Jesus says his way is easy (Matt 11:28-30).

If we can just get it through our heads that the best thing we can learn to do is receive from God, we will live the Christian life the way God wants us to. The greatest need we have as humans is to be recognized, and to belong. In God’s language this translates into being loved. If we will just embrace the love of God the way he wants us to, and not try to earn it or acquire it, then everything good will flow from us like rivers of living water (John 6:37-38). Our performance attempts have a way of sucking us dry, especially of God’s love for us.

3 times Hebrews says, “Today if you WILL hear God’s voice…” Well, the first thing we should hear each morning, and the last thing before going to bed, is to hear God tell us, “I love you unconditionally. I can’t put conditions on it, or it wouldn’t be my love.” If we don’t hear this, we hear very little else, and especially not the rest of the aspects of the gospel that will be shared with you in these coaching sessions. And the worst thing we can do is mix LAW with God’s LOVE. If we do, LAW has a way of evicting God’s LOVE. We talk about God’s law in coaching session 3.

If we truly receive and experience God’s love, then love becomes spontaneous in us. It becomes a natural flow from us. This is because, as Genesis 1 shows us, things grow and produce after their own kind. If we receive love, then love naturally flows from us.


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