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What we need to understand is that our acceptance of his love is what triggers our ability to perceive and receive all of God’s promises and blessings. If we don’t live in his love, but in some other religion, laws or rules, it’s like putting up a barrier to everything else God so freely gives us.

Roger Himes

He even gives us the Holy Spirit to show us any free gift we may miss (I Cor 2:12). 
But they become like “all the light we do not see” unless we believe, know and experience the love of God in our hearts and minds.

God’s gospel is like his personal bridge to us!
And his Holy Spirit delivers all that he has to us!

Scripture references are in the text below the video.



The question for today is this: “WHY … why is knowing God’s love for us so important to us?” This may seem elementary, but it’s really not. As we will see in session 3 about the law, when you mix law into a gospel life, you cannot God’s love to the fullest extent. Feelings of guilt and condemnation will get in the way and make you doubt God’s love for you because of things you do, and don’t do. Also, session 2 is about salvation. It’s impossible to be totally assured of your salvation if you don’t know God’s absolute total love for you. Again, living by ANY degree of law will block this from you. It will make you tend to erase a degree of the finished work of the cross in your life (Gal 5:2-4).
FAITH is the first thing that God’s love does for us. Paul says that our faith works by means of God’s love for us (Gal 5:6). We all need faith. Paul says in Hebrews that without faith it is impossible to please God (Heb 11:6). So what God does is that he gives us the means, and the method by which our faith works – it is by knowing his LOVE for us.
If we know God’s love for us, it instills faith in our hearts to believe and live by everything else he says to us in his gospel. If we don’t know his love for us, we tend to doubt everything else in his gospel.
FEAR is also dealt with by God’s love, and he takes away our fear when we truly know his love. If we are living in fear, or in guilt as we just saw, then we can’t truly know God’s love for us. But when we do know his love, fear becomes like a mirage, because of our trust in God. One definition of fear is, “false evidence appearing real.” The first letters of every word spell FEAR. But we are told that God’s love makes fear in our life evaporate (I John 4:17-18). This doesn’t mean that ALL thoughts of fear are extinguished. It just means that fear is not a overriding factor in our lives.
KNOWLEDGE OF GOSPEL TRUTH is what is also produced in us by God’s love for us. We’re talked about this before. If we know God’s love, then we believe other parts of his gospel reality in our lives. If we don’t know God’s love, then we tend to doubt other aspects of his gospel.
Again there are 9 of these aspects, and we are only dealing with the first one. There are 8 more to go. We must believe them all. As we saw earlier: Mary the mother of Jesus said, “Be it DONE unto me according to your word.” This must be our attitude toward the gospel. But it all begins in love.

Living in God’s light and love

We are told darkness is past, and we must live in the light of God’s gospel truth (I John 2:7-11).
Polls show that most people, which includes most Christians who say they are saved and born again, live in varying degrees of guilt and fear. They don’t live in faith, which produces gospel light in their lives. Polls show that fewer than 7 percent of Christians live in gospel faith as they should. Don’t be one of them. Rise above this and live in the higher glories of the gospel of God. The gospel is what causes us to live in the power of God (Rom 1:16).




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