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God’s unconditional, eternal, faithful love for us almost defies belief.
“For God so loved the world… that he gave his only begotten Son.”
But what we need to understand is that our acceptance of his love is what triggers our ability to perceive and receive all of God’s promises and blessings. If we don’t live in his love, but in some other religion, laws or rules, it’s like putting up a barrier to everything else God so freely gives us.

But they become like “all the light we do not see” unless we believe,
He even gives us the Holy Spirit to show us any free gift we may miss (I Cor 2:12). But we must know and experience the love of God in our hearts and minds.

Roger Himes
The Gospel Life Coach

God’s gospel is like his personal bridge to us!
And his Holy Spirit delivers all that he has to us!

Scripture references are in the text below the video.


A friend of mine was going through lots of problems. He was going through divorce, and a custody fight for his kids, and his wife was accusing him of abusing the kids. He had a business that was failing, and he was going to file bankruptcy. He had creditors after him. His dad had helped him start the business and was now dying of cancer. And because of all the stress, he was in poor health. He was a mess.
And yet, all he could do was tell me how much God loved him. That’s all he could talk about and he was elated because of the love of God. My thoughts were very different. I thought, “Oh, yea, sure, if God loves you so much, he wouldn’t be letting all this negative stuff come on you. He’d do something about it. He’d make things better.”
Years later discovered that’s a poor definition of God’s love. But it is a view many Christians have, if they are not mature in the gospel truth. We define God’s love by how many good things are going on in our lives. Our minds tend to go in circles, depending on our circumstances. What we do is what Paul tells us not to do: we mix natural things in the world with spiritual things and get into deep mud.

God is love

When we look at the crucifixion of Jesus in all its agony and pain and death, we think it is evil. But Isaiah tells us the brutal crucifixion of Jesus PLEASED his Father (Isaiah 53:10). We’re told that even Jesus had such a joy set before him of allowing us to have salvation. Sometimes we don’t see the big picture.
Some things just go beyond our ability to understand, because we are such 3-dimensional thinkers. We walk by sight, not by faith, when we should walk by faith. We often see through a keyhole. Paul says that it is our thoughts that diminish God’s love for us in our minds (Col 1:21). These can be thoughts that we’ve done something bad, or that something bad has happened to us. We tend to view everything in terms of situations in our lives. This is not walking by faith.
When we don’t love others as we should, it shows that we don’t know God’s love for us as we should. It shows we compare his love due to circumstances, not because of gospel truth. In other words, we view God’s love in light of circumstances, not in light of the CROSS of Jesus. Paul says our job is to know WHOM we believe (II Tim 1:12), and to trust in him and his faithfulness to us.
We all have what we think is ‘a truth box’ but it’s not always filled with God’s truth. Sometimes we’ve got stuff in there that we think is truth, but it’s really not, when compared to gospel truth. When we truly believe the gospel, it kicks out all that stuff that really isn’t gospel truth. This is what Paul refers to as having our minds renewed and transformed.




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