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But what we need to understand is that our acceptance of his love is what triggers our ability to perceive and receive all of God’s promises and blessings. If we don’t live in his love, but in some other religion, laws or rules, it’s like putting up a barrier to everything else God so freely gives us.


Roger Himes
The Gospel Life Coach

The Holy Spirit even shows us any free gift we may miss (I Cor 2:12).
But they become like “all the light we do not see” unless we believe,
know and experience the love of God in our hearts and minds.

God’s gospel is like his personal bridge to us!
And his Holy Spirit delivers all that he has to us!

Scripture references are shown on the text below the video.



Knowing God’s love personally and practically is probably the most important thing about learning to live a gospel life. This is because, if we don’t really and truly know that God loves us totally and unconditionally, then we don’t really trust him, and we have a hard time believing, and relating to other things we are told in the gospel. For instance our salvation, which is the subject of the next series of coaching sessions, after we finish with this series on knowing God’s love. We can’t really have absolute trust in God for our salvation if we are not absolutely certain that he loves us totally.
We must accept this fact, regardless of what we do or don’t do: God loves us. If we have accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior, God loves us. When we do this, then God can start working in us to accomplish his purposes and desires for us. Plus, he sees us as being one with Jesus, as Jesus himself says in John 17. That’s why Jesus says that his Father loves US as much as he does HIM (John 17:23). That’s a whole lot of love, to be loved by God as much as he loves Jesus. It’s because he sees us as ONE with Jesus.
We tend to look at our performance in life, and tend to judge everything by means of what we do good, or bad. But God looks at our person, long before he looks at our performance. Does our performance need work? Of course it does. In fact, God might say to us, “Now here you need a little work.” But this does not affect who we are in Christ, and it does not diminish God’s love for us if we’re in Christ.


To love God is to love people

This is why Jesus tells us to throw out all other beliefs we may have, and to only believe his gospel (Mark 1:15). The gospel is what blesses us in our thoughts, words and deeds. It is also what will judge us if we don’t live by it (Rom 2:16, John 12:48, Deut 18:15-19, Acts 3:23-26, II Thes 1:7-9).
Paul says the gospel is the power of God in us (Rom 1:16). It is what gives us the abundant life of Christ (John 10:10). It is what gives us ALL the blessings of God (Acts 3:26, Luke 12:32, I Cor 3:21-22, Eph 1:3).
It all begins with knowing God’s love for us.
BUT HERE IS THE RUB! Most Christians, according to Christian surveys, live at least part of their life in the Old Testament law, and this is also what many pastors preach. We are clearly told NOT to do this, and Paul even says we must be dead to the law to live unto God (Gal 2:19). He says we are cursed if we live under law (Gal 3:10). He says the law is what totally voids and destroys our faith (Rom 3:14). This is because the law is what creates anger in God (Rom 3:15). We see this in so many ways in the third coaching session on the law. First is God’s love, which we are talking about now, second is absolute salvation we will talk about next, third is the law and why it is harmful to us.
But the thing to understand here, is that if you mix in any degree of the law of the Old Testament with the gospel of the New Testament, it will erase any knowledge of God’s love for you. Why is this true? It’s because Paul calls the Old Testament law the ministry of condemnation and guilt (II Cor 3:6). If you live in any degree of condemnation and guilt, it’s almost impossible to truly know God’s unconditional love for you. Thus Paul says there is now NO condemnation, in Christ Jesus (Rom 8:1).
Law is antagonistic to God’s love. They cannot be joint tenants. Where any degree of law resides, then God’s love is evicted. James says if we even break one of God’s laws, we’re guilty of all of it (Jam 2:10). Paul also says if we even live by one law, then Christ is of NO effect to us, and his life and death and resurrection does not profit us at all (Gal 5:2-4). So, in trying to accept and receive God’s love for you, don’t even mix it with one law, or you lose. This is what Paul means when he says we are in liberty and free. Again, you must trust what God says about his law, and not live by it, which is what we’ll talk a lot about in coaching session three.

The Gospel Life Coach

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