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God’s unconditional, eternal, faithful love for us almost defies belief.
“For God so loved the world… that he gave his only begotten Son.”

Roger Himes

But what we need to understand is that our acceptance of his love is what triggers our ability to perceive and receive all of God’s promises and blessings. If we don’t live in his love, but in some other religion, laws or rules, it’s like putting up a barrier to everything else God so freely gives us.

The Holy Spirit even show us any free gift we may miss (I Cor 2:12).

But they become like “all the light we do not see” unless we believe,
know and experience the love of God in our hearts and minds.


God’s gospel is like his personal bridge to us!
And his Holy Spirit delivers all that he has to us!

Scripture references are not mentioned in the videos,
but they 
are shown in the text below the video.

The first thing to understand about God’s unbelievable love for us is that this is what the gospel tells us. And our job is believe the gospel. Thus we followers of Jesus are called ‘believers,’ not ‘understanders.’ There are some things we will never totally understand. The gospel tells us countless times of Abba Father’s love for us, and desire to relate to us, and his desire for us to believe him and trust him.
We all know God as ‘God. He’s the big guy in the sky, the Creator of the universe and all things. But both Jesus and Paul say we must also know him as ‘Abba Father’ (Mark 4:36, Rom 8:15, Gal 4:6). This is a very intimate, loving relationship between a Daddy and his kids. We even know that “God so loved the whole world – that he gave his only begotten Son” (John 3:16). God loves every single one of us.
Many of us have had problems with our parents – our earthly dad and mom – and if we try to equate this to our Abba Father, we get into trouble. God’s love is so much greater than any human love that we can’t even compare the two. God loves us unconditionally, forever, and it’s not dependent on how much good we do or don’t do. We are told, “God is love” (I John 4:8, 16). If he doesn’t love us, he defies himself.
The gospel is a revelation from God of everything good he gives to us (Rom 8:32). Jesus says this means his entire Kingdom (Luke 12:32). Paul says it means that God gives us all things that he has (I Cor 3:21-22). The first thing he gives us is his LOVE. If we don’t believe God’s unfailing love for us, then we have trouble believing much else.
So we need to be like Mary, the mother of Jesus who simply said, “Be it done unto me according to your word” (Luke 1:38). This must be our attitude about everything God says to us in his New Testament gospel. Let me paraphrase what Mary said: “Lord, help me to receive everything that your word says you give me.” Jesus said we are to live by every word that comes from God (Mt 4:4). This is not a legalistic command – but a heavenly promise that we can trust, believe, and live by everything the gospel says.
We are told that nothing can separate us from God’s love (Rom 8:39).

God is love

We are told the Holy Spirit floods our hearts with God’s love, if we receive it (Rom 5:5).
We are told the love of God takes away all our fear, even any fear of God’s judgment (I John 4:18).
Titus says we should keep ourselves in the love of God (John 15:9, Jude 21). I have a vision of this like us constantly taking a shower in God’s love – it constantly pours over us.
Paul says we really don’t have anything that we haven’t received from God (I Cor 4:7). This includes God’s love: we simply have to receive it as one of God’s countless free gifts, and say ‘Thank you.’ This is what worship and gratitude say to God: ‘Thank you.’ Jesus says to receive all things so we can give them away. “As you have freely received, so freely give.”
Jesus says we are to love others – AS HE has loved us (John 13:34, 15:9). His emphasis is on him loving us first – and that this is what empowers us to love others. I’ll show you how this works in the next coaching session.
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