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This ‘Extras Page’ has various aspects to it.
I’ll give a brief ‘preview’ of them here. . .
If you’re interested, you will find links to them below.

(1) The U. S. Constitution viewed from a Christian perspective
(2) The Singer: my novel, with 12 songs that follow and enhance the story
(3) The Salvage Company: a gospel duo I sang with before I was a believer
(4) Gospel Snapshots: short, thought-stimulating meditations
(5) The Gospel’s power over death, and also in experiencing heaven
(6) Videos: Inspirational Talks and Bible stories with music (You Tube)
(7) E-Books on the gospel
(8) Worship: Me playing the guitar and worshiping in song


The U. S. Constitution from a Christian Perspective

Constitution Lawyer Coach, by Roger Himes, Lawyer


The Singer: Come Walk By Me Softly

This is a romantic novel I wrote about a lawyer in a mid life crisis, Scott, who wants to be a singer. He moves his wife Sharon, and 3 kids — Megan 15, Julie and Garvin — and then gets into family problems that must be overcome. It is a powerful story involving betrayal and adultery, but it is a story of hope that ends in healing and restoration.
The internet book is free but the 12 songs that follow the story-line of book have a small internet download fee
(the lyrics of the songs are printed in the book).
Here is a link to audition one song: This Is God’s Country:
Here is a free link to the book:


The Salvage Company: A Gospel Duo

The Gospel in Song and Scripture 
(Roy Warren & Roger Himes)
We performed all over Colorado, and 2 tours in the west coast,
in the mid-1970s, and ministered in churches of all denominations.
Neither Roy nor I were Christian at the time, although I did
become a Christian at the end of our time together.
People would get saved at our presentations, and neither of us
had any idea at all what was happening or what they experienced.
“God works in mysterious ways.”
These two recordings were done in 1976.
They are worth listening to.
Roy and I had a very unique presentation.

Presentation 1

The song I sing is one I composed: For God So Loved the World. It was my first song
after just being born again 
(before I was born again, I never wrote a song!!!)
This song was like a gift from God to me — and a confirmation of my salvation.
The scripture Roy recites is John 1:1-5, John 3:16, Matthew 5:1-18

Presentation 2.

This song was composed and sung by the New Christy Minstrels: Mighty Big Ways.
The scripture Roy recites is Psalm 8:1-9, Psalm 121:1-8, Psalm 100:1-5


Stories & Inspiration Videos + Music (You Tube)

Story and song — for meditation and music.
These are all older works: from 5+ years ago.
More will be added to these in the future, as I have time.
Feeding the 5,000:
Friendly Andrew:
Communion Part 1:
Communion Part 2:
Communion Part 3:
Only By Grace:
Worship Is An Attitude of Gratitude:
The Seed, the Root, and the Fruit #1:
The Seed, the Root, and the Fruit #2:
All that God Has Is Ours:
Sin Consciousness vs. Gospel Right-Standing:
Religion Is About Us, The Gospel Is About God:
Experiencing God’s Love:
Man’s Theology vs. God’s Gospel:
Jesus’ Gospel Culture:
The Abundant Life of Jesus:
Giving Thanks Is Speaking God’s Language:
Instructors vs. Fathers of the Gospel:
Having Boldness in the Day of Judgment:
Love Is Natural in the Equality of the Gospel:
Loving God and Loving Others:
Correct Belief Produces Good Behavior:
God’s Love Produces Faith and Eliminates Fear:
Always Keep Yourself In the Love of God:
Father Loves Us As Much As He Does Jesus:
We Love By Receiving and Releasing God’s Love:
Knowing God As Abba, then as Father:
Knowing and Relating to God on Three Levels:
Living In God’s Love Is Where Everything Good Begins:
Loving God with Everything We Have:
God’s Love Produces Transformation and Abundance:
The Gospel Is God’s Love, Light and Life:
Various Church Beliefs vs. the Gospel:
Denominations Today Are Like ‘The SECOND Tower of Babel”:
The Gospel: God’s Constitution and Bill of Rights:

Experiencing a Gospel Death and Eternal Life


E-Books on the Gospel

Rediscovering Daniel’s Prophecy in Light of the Finished Work of Jesus


Worship: Just Me Singing and Playing the Guitar

Roger Himes


I’ve been a worship leader for years, after I began singing in nightclubs first.
I led worship for Marilyn Hickey (before she became a household word).
I also led worship when I worked with the VINEYARD churches,
and was pastor of The Vineyard Christian Fellowship of Evergreen (Colorado).
I’ve written about 35 songs, some of which are on these tracks.





The Gospel Life Coach

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