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This ‘Extras Page’ has various aspects to it.
I’ll give a brief ‘preview’ of them here. . .
If you’re interested, you will find links to them below.

(1) The U. S. Constitution mostly viewed from a Christian perspective
(2) The Singer: my novel I wrote, with 12 songs that follow, and enhance the story line
(3) The Salvage Company: a gospel duo I sang with two years, as I became a Christian
(4) Gospel Snapshots: short, thought-stimulating meditations
(5) The Gospel’s power over death, and also in experiencing heaven
(6) Videos: Inspirational Talks and Bible stories with music (You Tube)
(7) E-Books on the gospel
(8) Worship: Me playing the guitar and worshiping in song


The U. S. Constitution from a Christian Perspective

Constitution Lawyer Coach, by Roger Himes, Lawyer


The Singer: Come Walk By Me Softly

This is a romantic novel I wrote about a lawyer in a mid life crisis, Scott, who wants to be a singer. He moves his wife Sharon, and 3 kids — Megan 15, Julie and Garvin — and then gets into family problems that must be overcome. It is a powerful story involving betrayal and adultery, but it is a story of hope that ends in healing and restoration.

The internet book is free but the 12 songs that follow the story-line of book do require a small internet download fee of $5.00 (the lyrics of the songs are printed in the book).
Here is a link to one of the 12 songs on YouTube, This Is God’s Country:

The book costs through Amazon, but it’s FREE here:


The Salvage Company: A Gospel Duo

The Gospel in Song and Scripture 
(Roy Warren & Roger Himes)
We performed all over Colorado, and 2 tours in the west, during
1974-1976, and
 ministered in churches of all denominations.
Neither Roy nor I were Christian at the time, although I did
become a Christian during this time.

These two recordings were done in 1976.
They are worth listening to!
Roy and I had a very unique presentation!

Presentation 1

The song I sing is one I composed: For God So Loved the World. It was my first song
after just being born again 
(before I was born again, I never wrote a song!!!)
This song was like a gift from God to me — and a confirmation of my salvation.
The scripture Roy recites is John 1:1-5, John 3:16, Matthew 5:1-18

Presentation 2.

This song was composed and sung by the New Christy Minstrels: Mighty Big Ways.
The scripture Roy recites is Psalm 8:1-9, Psalm 121:1-8, Psalm 100:1-5


Stories & Inspiration Videos + Music (You Tube)

Story and song — for meditation and music.
These are all older works: from 5+ years ago.
More will be added to these in the future, as I have time.

Feeding the 5,000:
Friendly Andrew:
Communion Part 1:
Communion Part 2:
Communion Part 3:

Only By Grace:
Worship Is An Attitude of Gratitude:
The Seed, the Root, and the Fruit #1:
The Seed, the Root, and the Fruit #2:
All that God Has Is Ours:

Sin Consciousness vs. Gospel Right-Standing:
Religion Is About Us, The Gospel Is About God:
Experiencing God’s Love:
Man’s Theology vs. God’s Gospel:
Jesus’ Gospel Culture:

The Abundant Life of Jesus:
Giving Thanks Is Speaking God’s Language:
Instructors vs. Fathers of the Gospel:
Having Boldness in the Day of Judgment:
Love Is Natural in the Equality of the Gospel:

Loving God and Loving Others:
Correct Belief Produces Good Behavior:
God’s Love Produces Faith and Eliminates Fear:
Always Keep Yourself In the Love of God:
Father Loves Us As Much As He Does Jesus:

We Love By Receiving and Releasing God’s Love:
Knowing God As Abba, then as Father:
Knowing and Relating to God on Three Levels:
Living In God’s Love Is Where Everything Good Begins:
Loving God with Everything We Have:

God’s Love Produces Transformation and Abundance:
The Gospel Is God’s Love, Light and Life:
Various Church Beliefs vs. the Gospel:
Denominations Today Are Like ‘The SECOND Tower of Babel”:
The Gospel: God’s Constitution and Bill of Rights:


Experiencing a Gospel Death and Eternal Life


E-Books on the Gospel

Rediscovering Daniel’s Prophecy in Light of the Finished Work of Jesus


Worship: Me Singing and Playing the Guitar

Roger Himes








The Gospel Life Coach

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