Coaching sessions are meant for those who are
included in the finished work of the cross of Jesus,
and who know they are part of God’s family!
It is for those who are living life as God’s kids!

If this does NOT include you, then your focus should only be on
God’s love for you and your salvation (sessions 1 and 2).

The remainder of the sessions don’t apply to you
until you are born again, saved, and part of God’s family.

Roger Himes

There are 9 gospel coaching sessions, and they build on each other.
Being totally sure of your salvation (session 2) comes from knowing God’s unconditional love for you, independent of what you do or don’t do (session 1).
If you don’t know God’s love, you can’t be sure of your salvation, but being totally sure of your salvation is what empowers you to know more and more of God’s love,
plus everything else he blesses us with in his gospel: his entire Kingdom (Luke 2:52). 
But you can’t know God’s love if you live in law. Law and love cannot be joint tenants.
If law exists, love is evicted. Galatians 2:19 says we must be ‘dead to the law’ (session 3).
The sessions continue to build like this, one upon the other.

Here is a list of the 9 sessions. Click on the one you want.

Session 1: God’s Unconditional Love For Us

Session 2: Our Absolute, Total Assurance of Salvation

Session 3: No More Guilt, Fear or Judgment Under Law

Session 4: Living in Christ’s Grace, Peace and Joy

Session 5: Christ’s Abundant Life of Belief and Faith

Session 6: The Gospel’s Immunity from Sin

Session 7: Righteousness and Inheritance from Jesus

Session 8: Total Spiritual Authority in the Gospel

Session 9: We Are All Equal With Each Other


It is also very important to understand
HOW the gospel works in us!

Jesus says we must understand this two-fold principle (Mark 4:13)

THE GOSPEL: How It Works In Us (Part 1)

THE GOSPEL: How It Works In Us (Part 2)

The Gospel Life Coach


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