Roger Himes, The Gospel Coach

This book begins where many books end!

The gospel reveals our identity: our oneness with Jesus. This is the abundant life. We reign with Christ as more than conquerors over weights, sins, or anything holding us down.

We don’t buy into Satan’s 5 biggest false beliefs that are discussed. They often sound like sermon notes from many a church pulpit. We come to know our total authority over Satan.

We all believe IN God, but totally believing God in ALL he says transforms everything in life for the better. This BEGINS by knowing: As Jesus Is, So Are We In This World!

We need far less healing because we live in health and spiritual prosperity. The Christian life becomes a JOY to experience, not just a JOB to do. Paul talks about “The simplicity of Christ.” This is why Jesus says, “My way is easy!” Abundant life is living his blessings.

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Religion demands that we live life right. It requires what it can’t produce. The gospel is the power of God that enables us to live life right. It produces in us what it does not demand. As I said, the gospel empowers us to live life better by accident than we ever could on purpose.

Paul says the Old Testament law was so HARD that it was impossible to LIVE The New Testament gospel is so GOOD it often seems impossible to BELIEVE. Jesus says to repent and believe the gospel. This means don’t mix it with human theology and water it down. Let it stand on its own.

Begin living at a higher spiritual level than you ever thought possible. Begin falling in love with Jesus more than you ever imagined.

Roger Himes, The Gospel Coach

As Jesus Is So Are We In This World by Roger Hiimes

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