The Gospel Is God’s Special Message To Us:
How To Live In His Blessings, Prosperity and Health!

This is why both the Old and New Testaments
state that God REQUIRES us to live it!
It’s the revelation of how to live in the power of God —
in the finished work of the cross of his Son Jesus!

The Gospel Life Coach-

Here are 4 ways to put the gospel to work for you,
to live the abundant life of Christ,
and live in God’s blessings, prosperity and health!

You can click on them below.
(They are listed in the degree of importance)


(1) Gospel Coaching Sessions: systematic teaching from Jesus and Paul

These show the 9 major aspects of the gospel we should be living.

(2) The Gospel Parables of Jesus: how Jesus explained his gospel

These illustrate and explain the gospel for us more visually, and how it works in us.

(3) New Testament Fulfillment: book by book gospel revelation

These look at the letters of Paul that explain and amplify Christ’s gospel message.

(4) Old Testament Prediction: the gospel previewed in the Old Testament

The Old Testament continually speaks of the coming of the King and his gospel Kingdom.

After centuries of predictions about the coming
of a King (Jesus) and his Kingdom, we are told,
“Jesus came into Galilee preaching the gospel of the Kingdom of God.”
The very first words out of the mouth of our Lord were these:

“The time is fulfilled and the Kingdom of God is at hand:
Repent (of all other beliefs) and believe the GOSPEL.”

Being the first words out of his mouth, the gospel
was the most important thing on the mind and heart of Jesus.
If most important to him, it should be most important to us too!

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For more connection with the gospel:


for a collection of various things
that shed additional light on living the gospel life.
They are a mixture of articles, worship, music, videos, E-Books,
the U.S. Constitution, and even a Christian novel with 12 songs.  

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