The gospel of Jesus is the most
important aspect of the entire Bible!

God sent his Son Jesus to bring it to us.
The Father and Jesus both require us to live it.
They don’t give us a choice!
They did not intend to!


This is home of 3 minute video gospel coaching!
(Anyone can spare 3 minutes, right?)

The Gospel Is God’s special, personal message to us:
how to live in his blessings, grace, prosperity and health.
As  our loving Father, God wants to bless us out of our socks,
and the gospel is how he does it.  🙂

Take a little over 2 minutes to watch this video,
and you will discover what the gospel is all about, in a GENERAL sense.
The other videos to follow will reveal the gospel in a SPECIFIC sense.

These coaching sessions will both BLESS you and EMPOWER you!


Roger Himes, The Gospel Life Coach, Lawyer,
Licensed Counselor with NCCA: National Christian Counselors Association

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The Table of Contents of this Site:

The gospel empowers you to live the abundant life of Christ,
and live in God’s blessings, prosperity and health.
Click on what you want below, or on the navigation bar at the top. 

Coaching Videos: (3 minute gospel coaching videos and text)

3 minute gospel highlights for an empowered life. These cover the same things as in the
gospel coaching sessions below, but on video and presented much more concisely.

Parable Videos(3 minute parable videos and text)

Parables are how Jesus explained his gospel to us. Afterwards he chose Paul
to teach and defend the gospel more systematically and progressively.

+ + + + +

If you want to go further, and there are no videos completed yet,
then here are the written messages until the videos are finished.

Gospel Coaching Sessions: (written messages videos taken from)
Teachings on the 9 aspects of the gospel we should live daily!

New Testament Fulfillment: (written: the gospel the in New Testament)

Old Testament Prediction: (the gospel in the Old Testament)

CLICK HERE  … for more empowering aspects of the gospel!

This is an ‘add-on’ collection of various things
that shed additional light on living the gospel life.
(Some of these were part of the old site the past 8 years).
They are a mixture of articles, worship, music, archive videos, and E-Books.

A very unique FREE novel with a 12 song music track!

“The Singer” is a FREE family romance novel with songs Roger composed and sings.
The 12 songs follow the story-line of the book, adding emotional impact.

It’s even a great book for teens!

Scott is the lead character and Megan is his 15 year old daughter.
Megan plays an amazing role in confronting and  dealing with her dad.
A popular song says it this way:
“Music speaks louder than words.
It’s the only thing the whole world listens to.
When you sing, people understand.”

Roger Himes


Click here to read the book now:
THE SINGER Come Walk By Me Softly

(On the new page that opens, click on the book cover)

Other voices of Roger Himes, The Gospel Life Coach:







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