The Gospel Produces God’s Presence,
Power and Purpose In Us!

Religion demands that you live life right.
The gospel is God’s presence and power in you
that enables you to live life better by accident
than you ever could on purpose!


This site is mainly about seeing two things in the Bible:
(1) Seeing the New Testament gospel
(2) Seeing the Gospel in the Old Testament

It also has two other features:
(A) Worship Songs
Three Songs by Roger
Two unique presentations by
Roger Himes and Roy Warren (1974-1976)

(B) a Blog of short inspirations.

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(1) The New Testament Gospel Message:
This looks at each book of the New Testament and shows what the gospel speaks to us today in our daily lives.

(2) The Gospel in the Old Testament Applied Today:
This takes the books of the Old Testament, and views them through the light of the truth of the New Testament gospel. Paul says to only preach the New Testament (II Cor 3:6). He says the Old is ‘veiled’ if we don’t view it through Christ and his cross (II Cor 3:15-17). This section combines the Old Testament into the reality of God’s Kingdom in the New Testament. This is powerful!

(3) Inspirational Blog Posts:
Relatively short, thought stimulating, inspirational gospel messages.

(4) Worship:
Worship songs, and worship thoughts to meditate on.

I have other very specifically-focused sites:  10 aspects of Gospel Coaching!
Also The Parables of Jesus! Also The Bible Storyteller and Worship!   As a Christian  lawyer, this is my assessment of the U.S. Constitution. There is also a big segment of HUMOR!   My family’s wedding venue in the beautiful splendor of the Colorado Rocky Mountains.  (303) 674-1838.

The Red Wedding Barn

Meadows At Marshdale – The Red Wedding Barn



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