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It Produces God’s Presence, Power and Purpose In Us!

Religion demands that you live life right.
The gospel is the power of God in you
that enables you to live life better 
by accident
than you ever could on purpose! 


 Here’s the Choices! Click on the top NAVIGATION BAR, or click below:

INSPIRATIONAL BLOG: Relatively short thought stimulating gospel messages that may or may not link to longer messages

NEW TESTAMENT MESSAGE: This looks at each book of the New Testament and shows what the gospel speaks to us today in our daily lives

OLD TESTAMENT MEANING: This takes the books of the Old Testament, and views them through the light of the truth of the New Testament gospel, which makes them much more meaningful. Paul says to only preach the New Testament (II Cor 3:6). This section combines the Old Testament into the reality of God’s Kingdom in the New Testament

WORSHIP: Just some worship songs, and other songs

All of the above choices are in the stage of growth.
The NEW TESTAMENT MESSAGE is just beginning as of September 2016.
Check back as new content will be added regularly.



These are my other specifically-focused sites: 

This deals with physical death (which is something we all face).
I call it “The Ultimate Life Experience.” It is not to be feared, but to be embraced.
It also deals with the reality of heaven: life after death in eternity.
The Bible has a whole lot to say about the new heavens and the new earth.

This deals with the 10 aspects of the gospel I have received revelation of to this point.
Two other aspects don’t deal with this life: (11) death, (12) heaven (see above site).
This site also shows how THE PARABLES OF JESUS were his way of explaining the gospel.
It also has a segment of music and musing: THE BIBLES STORYTELLER AND  WORSHIP.

We are often plagued with what I call “end times lunacy.”
A new end times fantasy is developed every 1-2 years, and NONE of them come true.
Is end times all we are told it is, thereby keeping our focus off the gospel of Jesus?
This site shows why it is not, and how it robs gospel truth from us.

As a Christian  lawyer, this is my assessment of the U.S. Constitution:
its origination and subsequent abuse by our political process.
There is also introductory articles as to how our Constitution evolved.
HUMOR: There is also lawyer jokes and justice humor to put a smile on your face.
There are also motivational messages: Americans are the Backbone of America!”
There is also a political blog covering some current event issues.

This is my family’s wedding venue in Evergreen, Colorado USA,
7500 feet high in the beautiful splendor of the Rocky Mountains.
303-674-1838 for information, tours and scheduling.

The Red Wedding Barn

The Red Wedding Barn


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